SteinCares is a leader in commercializing and distributing specialty healthcare products in Latin America, including complex generics, biosimilars, innovative pharmaceuticals and orphan drugs.

With over 40 years of progressive experience in healthcare and a presence in 24 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, we serve as a bridge between the world’s pharmaceutical companies and the region’s healthcare providers.

As a dedicated pharmaceutical partner, we perform robust Pharmacovigilance of the products we offer, including the detection, assessment and prevention of adverse effects or any other problems associated with a pharmaceutical. We have always taken a “Patient first” approach, one that enables us to thoroughly understand the safety profiles of our products.

Accordingly, we are interested in learning about any potential adverse event and/or medical related problem that you or a person you know may experience when using any of our products. To report such a problem, please complete and submit to us the form. The information you provide will be promptly analyzed by SteinCares’ Pharmacovigilance Department.

All information that you submit will be treated confidentially and used exclusively by our Pharmacovigilance Department. It certain cases, the information you provide may be shared with relevant SteinCares partners and/or authorities in accordance with the Pharmacovigilance regulations of the country where you live or are being treated. For any questions regarding the use of the information that you provide, please email them to:


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